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Hello Arduino fans,

We are organising a hackathon event in Rome, on Saturday November 1st 2014. We will be providing Arduinos, WiFi shields, alternative microcontroller platforms and various sensors and actuators. The idea is to use a new open source data streaming service for the IoT (http://www.servioticy.com/) and graphical tools (http://www.gluethings.com/) like Node-RED to create connect-able projects that interact with users and the environment.

We will also show you how to play with real sensors deployed in smart bins in the city of Torino (through http://www.almanac-project.eu/ project)

Participation is totally free, but you need to register yourself and your team-mates here:

There will be cash prizes (1000€ and 500€ offered by the Almanac Smart City project) and hardware goodies give-aways.

For those interested in exploring more the IoT concept, there is also a summer school the week before:

Hope to see you in Rome!

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