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I have started using Arduino Esplora together with the 1.77" TFT Shield one year ago.
I did funny things with the display and all was OK. But after  buying new TFT shields
(same type) some problems are occur.
There seems to be a big error in the TFT library.

I use IDE 1.5.8beta, because the EsploraTFT-Library should be improved and being the newest.
But if you can see, there is a problem inside.
The sketch is easy and just makes 4 lines in order to draw a rectangle in different colours.

Error1: The second EsploraTFT.line()-command stops one pixel before the end.
Error2: In the 18th rectangle it forgets to draw the left vertical line ! Strange !!

Here the code:
void loop() {
  unsigned char lines, step;
   unsigned char i;
   lines = 63;   // it forgets to draw the 18. line
   step = 4;
   // Error in Library IDE 1.5.8 and IDE 1.0.6 !
   // black line, from 159/127 starting to the center
   for (i = 0; i< lines; i=i+2 ) {
      EsploraTFT.stroke(256-i*step, i*step, 0);
      // without .rect()
      EsploraTFT.line(i, i, 159-i, i);   // upper horizontal line
      EsploraTFT.line(159-i, i, 159-i, 127-i+1 );   // right downwards
      EsploraTFT.line(159-i, 127-i, i, 127-i);   // down horizontal line to the left
      EsploraTFT.line(i, 127-i, i, i);  // left line (18. line does not appear ?!)

Is there any similar experience out there ? Eventually some help for me ?
Am I did a stupid mistake ?

Best regards


Mind blown I had problem with black stripes but that is probily something that you could use:


to fix!

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