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Ctrl T is the IDE autoformat tool and If you use it frequently
 and you miss a curly brace.. This message will show just above the compiler output window.\
Autoformat failed; Too Many 'Right' / 'Left' Curly Braces.
left is the opening one and right is the closing curly brace..

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[font=TyponineSans Regular 18] there are "helpers" now that highlight the matching opening or closing bracket if you select one. [/font]
Helpers or not, I find that putting each brace on its own line and indenting the code between them much easier, but at least we have the choice.
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@UKHeliBob: I still use that "brace on its own line" format if working with complex code. My web client example has the braces on their own line for ease of reading and checking for mismatched braces.

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