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  I have a research paper at school and I was thinking about using comparing sound quality or volume quality of electret and condenser microphones. I was wondering what the main differences between the two. I have to do some "original research" I was wondering if you could show me a condenser microphone wiring diagram, and where I could find the parts (preferably from a Radio Shack)

     Thank you


Sound quality is hard to quantify, that is why you are best sticking to things you can actually measure like frequency responce and directional sensitivity.

Otherwise you are in the realm of Hi-Fi idiots with their gold plated mains cables and connectors.


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There's some art to building a good quality stage or studio microphone.   It's not just a matter of buying some high-quality parts from radio shack, etc.

I'm sure if you look around, you can find a schematic for a studio condenser mic.   Condensers have a gain stage built with a FET, transistor, or vacuum tube.

From what I understand an electret is a type of condenser.   Most studio mics are condensers that run from 48V phantom power.     There are some high-quality battery powered electrets.  Here is one example.


From what I understand an electret is a type of condenser.
Electret mikes have a built in JFET amplifier as well. Here is an interesting article showing the disassembly of one, and an analysis of the parts: http://www.openmusiclabs.com/learning/sensors/electret-microphones/

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