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hi i am getting my 14yr old son the starter kit for his birthday and would like some suggestions on what other add on kits to get him. at the moment he enjoys programming the raspberry pi so i thought this would be a step up in electronics. he is learning programming and computer building at school so has a understanding of basic computing.


There are tons of components around that can be interfaced to an Arduino, but my personal opinion is that perhaps is better to postpone the purchase to the time when your son will clarify to himself what he likes to do most with his new toy :-)
Another idea: when I started with Arduino, I found myself desperately in need of things like pliers, small scissors for wires, tweezers and - most of all - a cheap but reliable multimeter with a continuity test. If he doesn't have things like that, they can all be nice ideas for a complementary birthday present.
Just throwing ideas around...


I havent though about a multimeter will add to list. Iwas after add on as his birthday is in December. So I wanted to get him a few extra things for Christmas he is quite technical and is already dismantled tons of things to see how they work (just like I was at his age).

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