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Topic: Use a teensy++ 2.0 (AT90USB1286) as the arduino-side of an arduino yun (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


Hi, I use an arduino yun for a project and ran out of flash on the 32u4-side for my sketch. Do you think it would be possible to replace the 32u4 with another microcontroller like a teensy++ 2.0 (AT90USB1286) - simply connecting the AT90USB1286 over it's UART to pins 0 and 1 of the arduino yun (AR9331). Has anyone done it? Thanks for sharing your experience!
Best regards, Dani


Solved: Paul Stoffregen has been of great help with this: Check out http://forum.pjrc.com/threads/26919-Combining-teensies-with-the-Arduino-Yun. Dani

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