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This is really nicly done ! I would love to learn more on the music and sound part. Can we use your music software tracker? Do you have a music player for Arduino?

Thanks! The music playroutine is included in the sources. I synthesize and mix 4 waveforms together in audio.cpp. The waveforms supported are triangle, pulse (with variable pulse width), sawtooth and noise. Volumes are controlled with ADSR envelopes.

A four channel tracker controls the waveforms. Some basic channel effects are implemented, like arpeggios, portamento, vibrato and Hubbard style drum bits. The music playroutine can be found in playroutine.cpp.

Hope this helps! The code is under MIT license, so you can use it as long as you give me credits and include the copyright notice in your work.


This is a BRILLIANT read !!

Thank you Nick for bringing this to my attention from another thread !

Petri, you are a genius !

This just shows me how poorly optimised my VGA application must be :(

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