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I'm trying to use the standard test code to get the IMEI number etc, but am having problems.

It's this code here: http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoGSMShield?action=sourceblock&num=2

Basically, it compiles and uploads fine, but when I look at the serial monitor it never gets past 'gsm networks scanner'. It looks like it hangs at:

      notConnected = false;
      Serial.println("Not connected");

I know you need to connect it to an external power supply, so I've done this. But it's still stuck at this point. I know the sim card works as I use it on my own phone. The status light is on, and the net light constantly flashes.

I've seen quite a few people with similar problems on this forum but no really definitive solutions to this problem posted. Is it possible that there are a load of defective units out there, and I happen to have bought one of them?



Its a problem with GSM library, we are working to fix it. Comment the lines of network scanner.

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