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Nov 20, 2014, 02:05 pm Last Edit: Nov 20, 2014, 02:11 pm by Pranav_Srivatsa
Hi Pranav_Srivatsa,
                              We really need more info from you! Like what motors, batteries!! which could be your problem. If you can show us how you have everything wired up.


I used a basic 12V geared dc motor and general purpose 9v batteries. Paul sir was right , it's pathetic(batteries).

Paul S does have a point though. (And it's a consistent one!) It can be hell to have to wade past a page of inane posts to find anything useful or consider offering any help with. The Forum really does need to be interesting technically not just amusing.(Though a little levity is a always a plus). The moderator should reject the following type of posts:
1 Help Me. With whatever I think I don't know but didn't think about.
2 Any mention of college assignments. That should go into a "I will pay handsomely for someone to cheat for me because my brain hurts too much" topic.
3 Any code with a delay()  to be banned from the Forum!

if asking for specific help then post code with first post. But before you hit that  post button do imagine you are someone else reading it and criticise severely. You will then definitely have a better experience on the forum. (Paul is sometimes quite forthcoming).
Anyway, getting shot down in flames is a great opportunity to get over your limitations. The worst you'll suffer is gravel rash. Learn from it.
I do agree with your statement. Everyone hates the annoying noob and i am trying not to be one . I didnt mean any disrespect to any one . Sorry if i have.
I didnt ask for the code , my code is not an efficient one and my programming skills arent that good, just want to improve the code.


Nov 24, 2014, 11:56 pm Last Edit: Nov 25, 2014, 12:00 am by DataShark
I would use AA batteries, they last a lot longer than 9Vs. Get a 10 AA battery box wired up instead of 9Vs for the motors, but keep a 9V for the Arduino (seperate batteries is better in my experience) and make SURE you have a common ground. That should improve run time. Use rechargeable AAs. Hope this helps.

While I can see the points people are making on both sides of this (arguement?) thread, I will point out that as a beginner, you WILL make mistakes. I've been there. So just just chill. There is such a thing as too much constructive criticism! :)

I like your robot. :)
Munch Munch Byte Byte, here comes DataShark!


Will keep that in mind  :)  thanks  :D

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