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Hi everybody! Im working 3 days on how upload images to a ser er using a Esp32 and Ov7670 without FIFO but I cant.

I followed some tutorials but I have lot of troubles with the tutorials... Im a begginer with Arduino.

Ive followed this tutorial: http://bitluni.net/esp32-i2s-camera-ov7670/ but the code isnt the same on the video and the sketch, and the pins on the schematic are diferent to the code.

Ive followed this tutorial: https://github.com/igrr/esp32-cam-demo and it use pin39 and Ive not this pin on my Esp32, Ive used the same pins of the tutorial before and it doesnt work...

I dont know how to do this and I dont find a good tutorial to follow. Can somebody help me? And sorry for my English!

Thanks so much!

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