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I recently hacked into a Inkjet printer and took out 2 bipolar servo motors that controlled the X and Y axes of the printer, I wanted to know how I can spin these motors, in both directions.

I know these are bipolar, which means I need a H-bridge to drive them, also the motor itself has "7.5 degree steps" written on it, I connected it to a multimeter parallely and measured 30 volts approximately, and connected a multimeter serially and measured 0.5 A, this seemed consistent with the printer's input power supply which was also 30 volts with 500 mA, as far as driving it is the most used IC used online seems to be the L29XX series, I was looking to get the L293D since it can handle upto 600 mA and upto 36v, Almost every tutorial online points to a L29XX series IC, I also looked at one that suggested I use a L6202, The L293D is a quadruple half h-bridge, while the L6202 is a full h-bridge, isn't it just cleaner and simple to use a L6202? Why does the market focus on the L29XX series more than the L6202? Is it just a matter of personal preferrence? As far as cost is concerned the L6202 is fairly cheaper than the L293D, so shouldn't it really be other way around?

Any input is appreciated.


Would it be too expensive to use a proper stepper motor driver such as an Easydriver (if the current is below 750mA) or a BigEasydriver or Pololu A4988.

They make life a great deal easier both for connections and for programming.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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