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I have seen in some pages there are possibilitys to order free sample, but when I fill the form, there is place for Company Name. Can I lie there? ;D


I put "company confidential" and no one seemed to care.


Having a business license makes this really easy- it's also easier to write off projects on your taxes.

Having said that, I don't go for free samples, I figure it's a bad idea karmically (it's meant for people who will buy large lots).

I don't judge against people who do, that's just me.


I don't think they care all that much - I just make something up. =)



I just put "N/A" - best to be up-front, I always feel...if they don't want your business, they can always say no!  ;)


I'm gonna try for some samples, so what should I select for 'Potential Production Quantity' and 'Parts per Board'? Just a random number for the last one? The minimum for the quantity, I should imagine.

EDIT: Just ordered. They should contact me soon. Wish me luck! ;)


what should I select for 'Potential Production Quantity' and 'Parts per Board'?

Just tell 'em the truth.  I haven't seen the "parts per board" question, but there's nearly always a selection like "< 1000 per year" on the production quantity.



I just put my name for the company and am always totally honest about the production quantity, etc.


I've been through the whole gamut of samples, from highschool student claiming to be a company, to college student asking for a sample for my senior design project (telling the truth), to (eventually) working for a company that was so successful that asking for a sample brings immediate offers of a visiting sales teams baring presentations and design assistance (and I carefully tell them that no, this is for a hobbyist project and not for the latest company product.)  In most cases, the truth works just fine and companies are happy to send you samples; all things considered, it's cheaper than most forms of advertising, and a lot more effective because it reaches the people with a genuine interest in the part.  (and I've a fond place in my heart as well for companies whose "free drawing" at trade shows are actually for THEIR products instead of some ge-gaw of the day (iPods are popular; I've even won one.  I'd rather have the STK-500 or the Rayven, thank you very much...))


So far I've felt too guilty to even try to request free samples.

I just looked at the MAX7221, which in single quantities is over ten bucks.  Plus the shipping.  Yow.  On the one hand, that's the difference between affordability and not, for small projects.  On the other hand, that's an even bigger "how do they think they get more profit out of me by giving it away" guilt.

I want SparkFun, etc., to source a few thousand of these matrix driver packages (significantly less than $5 in quantity), so they can reduce the single-quantity pricing!


Yeah; I tend to avoid sampling any product that I wouldn't actually buy (ie because it's too expensive or not available.)  Sometimes I think some of the Maxim parts are over-represented here (in Ardunio-land) simply because people are using the free samples.   The MAXxxxx display drivers people are using to avoid having to do their own multiplexing are a good example; they're more expensive than the AVR chip used on the arduino, even in quantity...


"deivs technology" should work ;)


BTW, if you're at any kind of school, I think most companies would be more than happy to send samples to you via your teachers, or to a school address.


I just looked at Microchip for a samples order, and they've gotten a bit less generous since I last ordered.  The limit for me was now two different devices max of 3 units each, and the real kicker is a US$7.50 handling fee.  That's not unreasonable, but for the parts I need it's about the same price as just buying them from Digikey (assuming I get enough stuff to avoid the minimum order fee, which generally isn't a problem).

They're also advertising a 2 to 3 week delivery time, where I've had Digikey orders ship the same day I ordered them.


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