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Charging the LIR2032 at 5V is not such a good idea, it will shorten the life of the battery. Charging a CR2032 is a BAD idea. Just cut the PCB trace between the diode and the 201 resistor and use a CR2032. Check the attached image "trace_cut.png"
A CR2032 will last more than 10 years
If I do this, would I be able to use the battery only as a backup in case the VCC is gone? Or will I need to use only the CR2032 to drive the circuit without VCC? Thanks


AFAIK you only disable the recharging circuit, the battery will work only as backup.


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I carried out modification to the charging circuit as shown in the video towards the end, here


Now hopefully the battery will not get pregnant.
Pics could not be attached from my photo lib on my IPad.


You got the same informations from the same site that I read.


If I dont connect the VCC on the 5V of the Arduino then the battery wouldn't charge anyway and I wouldn't have to touch the pcb. But of course in this case the battery is always used for supply. Is that a bad idea? How long would the battery last in this case?

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