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My Leonardo clone bit the dirt today, with its USB port disattached from the PCB, taking USB traces and pads with it. I ordered a new one and now I am thinking about giving this old dead Leonardo some redemption after desoldering the ATmega32U4 chip.

I have some possible ideas that can choose from, all rooting from my need:

1) Implement the full STK500v2 protocol on this 32u4 chip, together with HVPP and HVSP modes of operation. The 12V is derived from 5V rail using a boost DC-DC converter so no external power source is required. This will essentially turn this busted Leonardo chip into a homemade AVR Dragon equivalent. (Salvaged parts: processor, LEDs and maybe the polyfuse and other USB parts other than the busted jack. And this may be Kickstarter-worthy.)

2) Get an Arduino Micro clone board and assemble it myself, salvaging and reusing as much parts from the busted Leonardo as possible.

3) Couple this Leonardo with my Raspberry Pi to make my long-wanted home made IPMI for my server. (Processor and USB stuff salvaged again.)

4) Figure out a way to turn this into an coprocessor shield (essentially stack an Leonardo onto another Arduino) if you are tight on ports.

What is your suggestion?

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