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Nov 13, 2014, 05:48 am Last Edit: Nov 13, 2014, 05:52 am by xlayn
First than nothing, hello everyone, first post on the forum.
Also English is my second language so pardon me if it's not perfect.
This is a long story, it all started with my motorcycle not running appropriately, I know it's hard to design a carburetor that runs great under most conditions, the one (two actually) in my motorcycle suffered excessively from altitude changes.
So as a part of mods that I was performing on the motorcycle I decided to switch fuel jets and after the change it was not running correctly so I took the carburetors away to clean, still bad, repeat, now a different problem; again... and again for a good 10 hours clean.
After the last clean up it was obvious it was harder than I tough because you don't have any information about the system so you have to "read" a lot of stuff to take your wildest guess (how are the spark plugs...? is air filter clean? how does it start? what about the smoke?).
So in one of those "crazy project idea" moments I decided to make it work on FI.
I took an educated guess on several parts, start building in a breadboard the circuit to make individual parts work (fuel injectors... fuel pump... read spark signals... calculate RPM... etc) make some math to have initial values and idea on others (how fast need everything to run?, how many times a second?) timers, interruptions, what to put on the loop, which information to put on the LCD).
Finally today after programming one arduino to check on the one controlling everything I fixed a couple of bugs and it started.... one, two and three times... running steady on stequiometric air-fuel relationship.
I have already designed the shield that will replace everything controlling the fuel injectors, connection to the different inputs, beside that, there are other two parts, the arduino itself and a lambda controller that will eventually also be converted on it's own arduino shield.
I'll receive soon the shield and as I know design already works I hope it'll be a plug and play situation (I hope).
I'm looking forward to create the complete engine management system on different boards.
The fuel injector and fuel pump management system that I already did.
The lambda controller to make the ECU run on a closed loop.
Information module (RPM, temperature, speed, fuel consumption, speed, fuel injection timings, programmable speed shift lights and anything else you want to throw into).

Now, why I'm posting this?
I want to know if there is more people interested in the project, I'm looking forward to make something that would fit anything from my 2 cylinder machine, single or 4 inline car to be a complete drop in solution where you only have to worry about the fit-the-injector part.

I'll be posting the video soon, I still have to edit it.
Looking forward to your comments.


Hello xlayn,

I ask you sorry for my english :)
I'm very interested on your project, I would like to do something like you for my motorbike that is a ducati prototype.
My idea is to attach to the Arduino one all sensor present on my bike, so read input (RPM, TPS, etc.), calculate (from map with lambda feedback) time to injection and when fire the spark.
Actually my questions are how to calcuate RPM, how to initialize the map

Can you help me?
thanks a lot!



I am doing the same project using following parts/specifications

engine specification;

125 cc
single cylinder
carburetor installed

modifications; [converting it to FI system]

Throttle body [1.5 inch dia of butterfly]
MAP sensor [1.5 bar]
TPS sensor
single Injector just before inlet valve [17.5 L/h]
Arduino Mega 2560
Fuel Pump
Fuel pressure regulator.

kindly can you help me for ECU programming/coding for this project.


Unfortunately it's been almost 2 months since xlayn made this (his only post on this forum).  I doubt he'll be back.

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