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I promised my friend, that I would build him a small preamp between his Fishman Loudbox Mini and a subwoofer box. The fishman amp has a  balanced output(600ohm) and the subwoofer has a balanced and unbalanced input. The problem is, that the Fishman's output isn't strong enough to drive the subwoofer, even with it's gain maxed up.

I would need either a:
balanced to balanced level preamplifier or
balanced to unbalanced level preamplifier.

It really doesn't need that much gain, I think 10x-20x would be sufficient.
I singlesided powersupply would be perfect, ideally it would run off a 9v battery.

My google fu isn't that strong and a week of googling hasn't landed me a proper schematic...

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english!

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