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WebDruino now Blockly

WebDruino is a lightweight webserver that allows interaction with your Arduino. Objects in webpages can be easily added which is based around the Bootstrap JS library. Components for Blockly are not yet complete, but should be available soon. The excellent Scratch based programming BlocklyDruino has been added. So now you can program your Arduino from the comfort of .. anywhere!

Currently Win32 and Win64 is working. Linux compile and upload will be added this weekend. Users will be able to layout and configure gadgets to interact with Arduino elements.

Please be sure to fill out the configuration properties carefully if you want to use it. It is currently manual (I hope to automate this as much as possible). Baud rate and Platform board can heavily impact the compilation and upload success.

For details on the build. The file builds/build.log has the latest errors and warnings from your last build - look in this file for hints if you are having problems.

Features on the way in the next few weeks:
- WebDruino protocol insertion
- WebDruino Blockly components
- Linux server updates (linux is best to run the server.. Win is very flakey but easy to test with).
- Device <-> Config <-> Arduino Program binding (so you can have multiple arduinos being driven from one server)
- Ethernet, RF, Bt and Wifi support for the WebDruino protocol.
Feel free to ask for commit access if you want to help WebDruino along.

Otherwise.. feel free to contact me at webdruino if you have problems or post Issues on Github.

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