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Hi Guys, another newbie to this thread.

Need confirmation that I have destroyed my Duo.

I accidently put 17VDC over it and now I have some issue.

At first it seemed to work fine after the "incident", but now I'm thinking it is damaged.
My project requires PWM and some digital outputs. Now PWM 2 to 6 don't work and Pinout 21 does not work, everything else seems fine, until….

I moved the PWM stuff to pins 8 to 13, all seems fine when I tested. But when I send Digitalwrite high to any other pin (eg pin 23), it appears that the PWM outputs just stops. Other than this it appears to still work.

Any help in determining if it is "US" would be appreciated.


Are you talking DUE or UNO.
On the products page both have schematics and if the damage is to the power circuits you can trace and check the supplies and associated circuits.  Start with power and see if the power is flowing correct, if it is then well likely more serious issue.



Maybe my issue is miss-understanding how things work.

Can I have a mix of PWM and have other items on I/O s ?

Can I use ShiftOut  EG shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, numberToDisplay);  and still have other I/O available to use for other thing EG turn on and off a LED?

It appears that once I use shiftOut, then all other I/O are high except during the shift out period.

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