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I m making freeduino . when i connect  my board to usb port of computer , then there is no sound  i.e. it is not reconized. I M USING FT232RL. when i measure violtage on pin 15 there in no voltage on my  board while in original arduino duemlainove on pin 16 it is showing 3.4 v .
  i check voltages on all pins which are same but  following pins showing differences

                                      my board                        arduino

pin 15     -------------------  0                                3.4

pin 27                                5.15                               0

pin 28                                 1.66                              0

 can any one help


Which freeduino?   If it's the NKC Freeduino (Through-hole.  Might still say "PCB by WestfW" in the corner), you know that there is no automatic power switch, and you need a jumper, a fuse (or "equiv") and the ferrite bead (or "equiv")?

Have you installed FTDI drivers?
The pins you're looking at are ... not so appropriate to look at with a voltmeter.  Pin 15 is one of the USB data pins, pin 27 and 28 are the (optional) crystal oscillator pins.  I couldn't say offhand what those pins SHOULD read.


i make this test by removing atmega chips on board. there is sound when we connect arduino board and noting for freeduino board

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