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did any of you guys have any success in getting some useful information from the DWM1000 with Arduino?
If yes, could you please post a link with your source code and any special connectivity :tricks: that you used?



Looks like there's at least one open-source Arduino library for the DW1000 these days:



can one please support me for arduino dw1000 ranging application..i tested all examples, no transmission adn reception ,,some example giving me reset inactive. im using arduino nano. im not sure about pin connections ... can u please support me r working code


My biggest question at the moment is around distributing a clock signal at 38.4MHz to the nodes when they are 100m apart (I.E.
http://www.decawave.com/sites/default/files/resources/aps007_wired_sync_rtls_with_the_dw1000.pdf) Can this be done through a 555 timer, or is another dedicated chip required?
I confess I laughed when I read this.  The timing precision needed is nanosecond or below, that needs
something like phase-locked VCXO's to achieve. 

And then you some sort of time-difference sensing or phase-detector good to < 1ns

That link is not public.
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I have been able to get it to work with Two-Way Ranging (TWR) but now i am thinking of a TDoA based approach. Reading the application note APU0003, i understand that this would require a clock distribution unit. I am looking at the same setup which is mentioned in the application note; drive the clock signal through a CAT5 cable. Is there a example schematic for a clock generation unit over CAT5 cables? Any direction / pointers please.

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