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Is that the one on the board, or is that on a separate controller bought from somewhere else?


On the board. The USB-Moteino has the on-board chip.


OK, so, have you tried the latest FTDI drivers from their website?


Yes, I downloaded 2.12 today.


OK, in device manager have you done update driver, then have disk?

Have you checked the USB IDs to confirm it is not suffering from the fake FT232RL issue?


I'm about to give up.  I made some progress by uninstalling both the FTDI and Arduino Apps & Drivers and starting over.

After clearing everything, I can install the 64bit FTDI VCOM driver.  At that point, the arduino changes from a generic usb device to a new generic serial port device.  OK, that sounds like progress.

I can right click that generic serial device and try to install the pre-packaged arduino uno driver staged by the installer.  As soon as I hit 'ok' or whatever on the arduino uno driver I get a BSOD.  MF!!

Of some note, if you look at the installer details of the Arduino app, the very end of the log I see messages about installing the amd64 drivers.  What?? amd64 drivers?  I have an intel cpu!

If I drill into the arduino install directory I see two driver setup exes; amd64 and intx86.  When I run the intx86 one it says incompatible with my machine.

Perhaps the people reporting that it works are on amd machines and the ones with the errors are on intel machines.


FTDI 2.12 works on my Lenovo 530 laptops with Intel i7 processors. One with Win7Pro, one with Win8.1.
Both were auto-updated by Windows from older revision drivers.
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You do not have an Arduino, as far as Windows is concerned, you have an FTDI USB to serial port, if you can see that and it has a com port, that bit is done.

Install the IDE, select the correct com port and upload stuff.


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