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Topic: Serial port 'COM1' not found. Window 7 detected it in the beginning and stopped  (Read 2203 times) previous topic - next topic


I'm trying to install the drivers for the Arduino Uno on Windows 7
* For the first time arduino USB was plugged in, Window 7 detected the USB right away, but then after that, it stopped detecting it.

First step,  I installed Arduino Enhanced Release 1.0.5 for Windows (installer, drivers, etc) +SRC
*Did not work for me, "Serial port 'COM1' not found"

Second step, I went to Device Manager -> Other devices -> Unknown device -> right click -> update drive software -> browse my computer for driver software -> Program Files (x86) -> Arduino -> Arduino ERW 1.0.5 -> drivers  or Arduino ->drivers
*Did not work for me either,  "Window could not find driver software for your device."

Third step, downloaded Windows ZIP file, found ArduinoUno.inf
I repeated the second step with ArduinoUno.inf
*Did not work for me either, "Window could not find driver software for your device."

Fourth step, installed FTDI Drive, "FTDI Ready to use"
*Did not work for me, "Serial port 'COM1' not found"  is still shown on arduino

What else can i do to prevent this message,  "Serial port 'COM1' not found."

*Tools>Serial Port is greyed out
*File>Preference>idesettings_v104  ,    serial port=COM1  , debug_rate 9600


It's almost certain that your Arduino is not 'COM1' -- that's the first serial port, which will be on your motherboard.

Look in your control panel under "Printers and Devices" -- If you've got the drivers installed, it should show up there, along with the COM port that it is using.

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