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How can i send variable by sms
      if (sms.SendSMS("+xxxxxxxxxxxx", "text msg"))

i need to send a variable information from GPS in "text msg"

how can do it ? :(


What type of variable do you need to pass to the function, a String or a char array? Once you have established that create a variable of the same type, assign a value to it and use it in place of "text msg".

If you don't understand variables then I would suggest that you learn about them. There are several good resources online.
Beginners guide to using the Seeedstudio SIM900 GPRS/GSM Shield


I need send the data of GPS in sms
the variable is data of GPS .

I saw the website and follow it but I haven't any result of sending or receiving SMS

just the method which is work with me is :
          if (sms.SendSMS(phone_number,"textmsg"))

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