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Um.... what's wrong with this planet!


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I have a sealed Coke can with no soda in it; I ended up calling Coca-Cola about it, they sent me a coupon for a free case of soda in response. I got to keep the can.

Doubt I could get a dollar for it, let alone the fantasy of $5k...
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Hi, I was in their factory today, going back to finish an installation tomorrow, might see if I can get some straight off the packaging line.

Tom...... :)
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I have a sealed coke can that has coke in it.  What's so special is that it dates to 1984.  This is provable, as it has the 1984 Olympics logo on it.  I wonder what it would fetch?  (I also wonder what the coke tastes like after sitting in my fridge all those years  :P . )


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1) Get yourself a twix.
2) Unwrap it carefully.
3) Throw away or eat the chocolate bars.
4) Use a warm iron to reseal the wrapper.
5) Open an Ebay account....
6) Kerching!


(I also wonder what the coke tastes like after sitting in my fridge all those years  :P . )
It's not a fine wine!  It tasted bad in 1984 and will still taste bad today.

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