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Topic: Arduino Uno Serial Problems (57600 baud is broken) (Read 24391 times) previous topic - next topic


You can always tweak the baud rate to talk to a peripheral that doesn't work with the -2.1% error that this gives (the same as you get on the 8 MHz board in double-speed mode, for example).  It's not clean, but I'd rather have communication with the computer work by default.


I have also been having serial port issues, but I am not using the IDE. It seems the Uno's USART baud doubler may be on by default. See here:



I just ran into this exact same problem when trying to run at 57600 on U21. I'm happy to report that U22 fixes the problem. Didn't realize there was an update available or I would have already upgraded, and then I would have never even known about this issue. :P

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