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I think they should release a series of higher voltage boards simply because i already have to figure out how to use wireless relay boards at 12 V so having a stand alone microcontroller controlling these will make things alot neater than  having to have other power supplies for external 5 V microcontrollers used to control the state of digital input for each member in an array of MOSFET gates whose drain is connected to an external voltage supply for each unit and the source to GND.

as long as its much more affordable than buying the mosfets separately anyway.

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The problem is, the mosfets would be useless without the power supply to go with it.  Having a board that relies on having a decent 12v supply immediately makes it less flexible.


So you're suggesting a board with open drain drivers on it? Perhaps a TPIC6B595 open drain shift register to cut down on the # of IO pins committed for the drivers?
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