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Meus Amigos.

Entendi que foi criado um novo hardware ( Diecimila ) que tem algumas características de economia de bateria entre outras features.

Minha questão é: a funcionalidade de programar os sketches não está ligado a este novo hardware, e sim ao Arduino 009, não é?

Isso é, posso utilizar o 009 para enviar meus programas para meu arduino NG ou arduino BT sem precisar de um hardware reset?



Hi, sorry for responding in English.  I hope you understand it, or someone can translate.

The automatic reset needs both a Diecimila and Arduino 0009.  It will not work with Arduino 0009 and an unmodified NG or BT board.  The Diecimila has a capacitor connecting the DTR line from the FTDI chip to the reset line of the ATmega168.  The 0009 software sets this DTR line appropriately.  You can, on an NG, solder this capacitor in place, after which the automatic reset will work.  


Hey Mellis.

English is not a probem to me :-)

Thanks for your help, so I have to do try update my phisical board or continue doing hardware reset before update my sketches..

Thanks  8-)


Right.  I hope we can create instructions for modifying your NG.  I'm not entirely sure of the process though, so I don't want to do it myself.

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