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Response #7 worked for me. In full light, only one side moves continuously. In the dark, works as advertized


I confirm the same results with mine, however my sensors seem to work fine.  once I doubled up the motors in 3 an 4 it all worked ok.  but that is relative now I would like to know how to fix the shield, is it software or hardware?

GUYS I HAVE FOUND THE SOLUTION ITS THE SHIELD. the places where you connect your motor wires well only n2 works (the second half). plugg both white wires into slot 3 and both black wires into slot 4. if you don't understand message me and i will give you a picture


D'oh!  I found that the instructions had simply confused me.  There are two very similar header-pin layouts.  Both have eight pins (the right number for all the sensors), and both have similar patterns of other pins (three on one end) next to them.  I needed to wire up to the ones that sat parallel to the power input connectors, rather than the ones in an uncluttered area along one side of the white board.

Once I got that right, the sensors did get read up properly by the robot.

I am feeling much better about this purchase, now.
This is EXACTLY the issue I was having! I didn't realize my error until I read this post and then confirmed it by comparing my robot to the photo on the cover of the kit's User's Guide. Everything worked as expected once I moved the wires from the sensors to the correct headers.

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