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Arduino is overkill.
I couldn't agree more! Magic Lantern has tied up all the loose ends and has a neat coding style with no add-on hardware. It does everything I need and more.

I am not here to discuss the pros and cons of the best intervalometers on the market. I could spend $20 and plug in a perfectly reliable and purpose-made intervalometer. But, I wouldn't have learned anything in the process.

Perhaps my examples will help someone else with a similar project in the future. At the very least it has given me the experience of building a useful device from (virtually) nothing. I learned to program my Uno, I learned a bit about debouncing, and I learned that just because it works, doesn't mean it's right.

I was really hoping that someone would help me out here and look through my code, look at my schematics, and let me know if I am doing things right. I'm not trying to recreate Magic Lantern, or build a fully featured intervalometer. I am just trying to build myself an intervalometer using Arduino so I can learn a bit about what it takes.

Thanks for taking a look at my project!

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