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I've been trying to find something that doesn't appear to exist, so I thought I'd ask around a bit.

Sometimes I need to go to a customer's location and work on a headless computer, so it would be handy to bring along something that looks like a laptop, but plugs into the video and usb or ps2 ports on the system. Sort of like the flat screen and keyboard/trackpad you install in a server rack and connect to a KVM switch, but portable and without a KVM switch.

There are some devices that let you use your actual laptop and only use a usb connection, but they require drivers on the headless system. This wouldn't work for me because I'd need access to the BIOS and wouldn't be able to load a driver beforehand in any case.

Any ideas?

I took apart a dead Dell laptop at work, hoping to be able to tap into the usb and video, but that didn't lead me anywhere. Maybe a different type of laptop that's more modular could do that.

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