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I am working on a project for grade 10 computer science and its a piano that has 7 keys using a capacitative sensor and its supposed to teach you songs like twinkle twinkle little star by illuminating the LED corresponding with that key and then playing that tone on the speaker. Also, with a random scales part where you are timed and have to press the keys as fast as you can as they light up.t Unfortunately, I have come into a few problems.
1. I ran out of outputs and have to use a shift register. I have no idea on how to control each of the outputs.
2. When the game starts I want there to be 2 options a song and a random scales using randomSeed however I have NOT found a way for them to pick which option. I think I can do user input by typing or by them just pressing a key but I am not sure.
3. I am pretty new on Arduino so anything helps.

Finally I am using the arduino UNO and that is why I am short pins because I have 1 gnd 1 speaker and the rest key inputs.



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First of all, DON'T SHOUT! Please change the title.

1) Let me Google that for you But! If I count I don't see way you ran out of pins. I count 7 keys, a LED for each key makes 7 as well + a speaker. Makes a total of 15 pins. Arduino Uno has 20...

2) Why not? You design it, you decide what to use to select something.
Use fricking code tags!!!!
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