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Hey there,

i'm currently playing around with a little roboter I've made. What I'm currently trying to accomplish, is that when the roboter drives against a wall or something and pushes down a little button installed on the outer roboter-case, it's supposed to drive a little backwards, spin around and go forward again. To accomplish this, I've created an interrupt, which is triggered by a little red test-button. The function connected to the interrupt is farely simple: it simply sets Pin 6, 12 and 13 to HIGH. (6 - LED, 12&13 Motorshield Direction Pins)
This works pretty well so far, as long as the Arduino is connected to my PC. If i pull out the USB-cable, and press the button while the roboter is driving, it stops everything for 2 seconds.. and then goes on. The led which is supposed to get lighten in the interrupt function shortly lightens up, and goes out a millisecond after.

Any ideas?
Here's a video of it with me explaining it once again:



it stops everything for 2 seconds..
That sounds like it is causing the Arduino to reset - most likely because you do not have a suitable power supply.

Wild guess - you are using a PP3 type 9v battery? They can't produce enough current. Use AA NiMh batteries.

Also worth checking that the switch is wired correctly.

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You need a reliable _separate_ supply for the Arduino from any motors/servos/motor drivers,
this is a common problem, people think they can get away with sharing supply between power
and logic components - you can't.
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Oh well, thanks for clearing that up. I'm pretty new to this stuff and until I experienced above problems everything worked pretty fine - so I didn't think the power supply could suddenly become a problem :/

Thank you guys for helping me out !

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