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not sure if anyone knows anything about milling but pro machines have probes on them. the probe, probes the work piece and finds the edge.

expensive (£5000) renishaw probes are wireless, which is awesome -


sadly I cant afford 5k so I have one of these -


now the expensive wireless probes generally have a little IR sender in the probe and a receiver located someone else in the machine to pick the signal up and then relay that via wire to the control cabinet.

all a probe is, is a switch. don't touch the probe and its connected, touch the end you break the connection and its disconnected. its simply two wires, nothing more.

would this be easy for someone to knock up?


Hi, andy_con!

Could you explain more specifically what you need?
Do you need a wireless contactor?


PS By the way, I have my own cnc-router ...


my mill has been converted to mach3 and the control board is a PMDX, not exactly sure what one ill update when I get home later.

I have many spare inputs on the PMDX board I could use.

But I need a small IR sender for the actual probe, battery powered, like I say its just 2 wires coming out of the probe. Don't touch the probe tip and the circuit is connected/complete, move the probe tip and the circuit is broken/disconnected. So that needs to be sent to an IR receiver located elsewhere in the mill, distance between sender and receiver max of 500mm.

Like I say I need to just look into PMDX board but I think all the receiver needs to do is feed 5v back into the PMDX board when the switch/probe circuit is connected and disconnect the 5v when the switch is open/probe tip is moved. I have a 5v PSU inside the control cabinet which I can use to power receiver.

Does that make sense?

I also 10 sets of these sender/receiver if possible.

heres my mill



Ok, I get it.
But why IR?
Why not RC?


O better:
just use one of the 4 channel


no idea why they use IR?

maybe interference from all the mains cable floating round the machine?

i like the first one looks ace and really small which is key.

what would i need to do to make this as a working unit?

not sure the second one would do the job?? but im no expert, hesne why im here asking for help


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My understanding is that the sensor is normally closed until something is touched and then it opens.

Simple Solution: Get a cheap ( small) IR remote online (<$1 incl shipping). Hack it to send a signal as needed. Tap into any of the buttons.  You could also dispense of the enclusure and make a custom 3D print to suit. The logic will be inverted for the buttons so you need to use an inverter of some sort. You then have an arduino with the IRLib/IRremote sketch at the remote location.

+ Version:
attach an arduino nano running in low power mode to the sensor shaft. Remote location same as above.

Ultra version: Above, using flex circuits & smd components to approximate the $5K solution in terms of style.

So there you have 3 options.

PS: putting more current thru the IR LED and/or using multiple IR LEDS in series will give you a flood effect, if the orientation can change.


is that an offer to make something as ive not got a clue? :)


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is that an offer to make something as ive not got a clue?
No, merely helpful suggestions like everyone else.

There is a "gigs" for $ section in the forum.

....oooooops, didnt notice that this was the gigs section :smiley-red:


Indeed I have posted in the right section ;-)

You clearly know what your talking about as renishaw use multiple ir leds and receivers


OK so for each sender an attiny ATtiny2543 so that it can send its sender/receiver ID and probe status. The receiver the same.

Each can have a basic NRF radio like this. Radio.

Bit of simple code on the TX/RX to pair them up and send or receive inputs and you are away.

about $30 for a set including a nice custom PCB

Cheers Pete.
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about $30 for a set including a nice custom PCB
This is really good offer.

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