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Topic: 10x 1.2V 3000mAh to power Arduino Uno R3+Gsm Shiels+3W Led Strip 12V (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


Hello again, my idea is to power up wish 10x 1.2V 3000mAh batteries - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12x-AA-1-2V-3000mAh-Ni-MH-rechargeable-battery-2A-cell-RC-Green-/390848395532?pt=UK_ConsumerElectronics_Batteries_SM&hash=item5b0061390c

1.Arduino Uno R3 Connected with Arduino Gsm Shield and powered from the 12V given from 10x 1.2V batteries
2.Led strip (12V 3W) connected to the same 12V from the batteries
3.1W Speaker connected to the Gsm shield speaker pins(holes)

with this scenario:

* The arduino UNO+Gsm Shield will be always ON and voice_calls will be made with the GSM shield for 15 minutes a day.

*The 3w led strip will be ON for 12 hours a day
*The 1W speaker will be used when making voice calls (15 minutes a day)

As i have read here and there with these 10x batteries i will have 12V 30Ah Total battery power right?
The Arduino UNO+GSM shield in "READY" mode will eat not more than 500ma current right?
And also when speaking the GSM shield will eat up to 2A current.

So are these calculations correct:
10x1.2V 3000mah=12V 30Ah Battery life

24 hours per day Arduino Uno +Gsm Shield in "Ready mode" x 500ma will need 12Ah Battery life
15 minutes per day for voice calls x 2.5A (in case) = 0.625Ah battery life
12 hours per day for 3W led (0.25A) = 3Ah Battery life
12 hours per day for 1W speaker (0.083A) = 1Ah Battery life

TOTAL:16.625Ah Battery life per day , so these 10x batteries will last about 43 Hours (about 2 days)
Please can anyone tell me if thats the correct way for calculations and also if yes, what solar panel can i use to charge these batteries at the same time when using them so the system will never shut down?


So are these calculations correct:
10x1.2V 3000mah=12V 30Ah Battery life

Definitely not

For that you would need 100 batteries, with 10 you can have 3Amps @ 12V or 30Amps @ 1.2V for one hour.


Thanks @malbro, i ended up with a 7ah 12V battery which will be solar charged....will see if the system will shut down

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