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Megamix Player : an Audio Player designed for stage show to easily start some backing tracks or some short samples.

It can be controlled by a USB Keyboard, USB Numpad or USB MIDI Controller.
It can play up to 14 sounds simultaneously. The micro SD card can store up to 999 files.
A metronome function has been added for musical training ;)

The Megamix Player was created to fit the needs of the french musical theater band "Quatuor Megamix" (http://www.quatuormegamix.com) :
- Play backing tracks or short samples just by pressing a button assigned for each audio file
- The player pauses itself at the end of each track (rare on music players!)
- CD sound quality (44.1 kHz / 16-bit / Stereo) 
- Indoor & outdoor use




Didn't I see shots of the internals of the box somewhere, with a couple of red cards?
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I have used
- Arduino UNO (more exactly the RedBoard from SparkFun)
- USB Host Shield from SparkFun
- Wav Trigger from SparkFun

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