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Nothing to "suspect".  I specified it in reply #17.


Yes, I know that and you know that.  I was hoping Johannes would figure it out.  It is quite obvious he is consulting multiple sources....

I do find it interesting, somewhat maddening actually, that people attempt to produce a working product with zero knowledge using Arduino.  Arduino has probably been responsible for more newcomers to the "hobby" of electronics than any other product, and yet equally responsible for more destroyed components than any other product!  And people like Paul, Mike, Crossroads, myself, keep coming on here trying to help teach this stuff.... This stuff that took months, and most cases years, to learn.... And many more years of experience developing our skills.  

Those of you who have been here a long time:  Is there anyone here, who gives sound instruction/teaching/advice, who learned it on a forum such as this?  I suspect not.   ;)


The reason why I consulted multiple sources (namely PCB Heaven) was to try figuring this thing out on my own, while waiting for you guys replies :) I can see now, that it wasn't my best idea do to that. I've played around with the Arduino before, and I know how to use it. I just didn't knew how to use a current driver as I never has been playing around with high power leds before.

I agree that you just can't always learn these skills from a forum, but this forums users is definitely helping people, including myself in the right direction :)

I would like to thank all of you who helped me on this, your help and guidance is highly appreciated. Hope you didn't pull out to much of your hair, or knocking your head against the wall to many times ;)

I'll be back! ;)

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