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The Pediatric MICU I used to run on had an airhorn mounted on the roof of the cab, but some idiot decided to mount the air tank and compressor under the passenger seat.  So if you hit the air horn, yes you would clear a path for miles, but then you had to listen to 10 minutes of the compressor running loudly inside the cab.

But it was worth it to wait for somebody with their windows open about to take a drink of coffee..........


But it was worth it to wait for somebody with their windows open about to take a drink of coffee..........


I have followed drivers down the road for miles, (too) close to their bumpers blaring everything I had to get them to move.  
To those that don't pull over to let an EV pass, I ask: 
"What if it was their house on fire, their mother needing urgent medical treatment or their child being attacked?"


Well, they need to get home urgently to deal with that and pulling over for a truck to pass isn't going to help them accomplish that goal.
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I had a misfortune of being on the deck of a large ship when some guy on the bridge decided it would be fun to honk.
I was perhaps 20 m from the actual horn. There's no ignoring THAT. You crumble down in pain and cover your head to protect yourself from the sky falling on it.
To make the things worse, it was the dead of the night.

Anyway, this IR strobe traffic light thing is interesting.
Now, everybody who installed it on their non-EVs, raise your hands. :D


I would assume the IR opticon would be an encoded pattern for each vehicle, since I know of reports that showed when individual vehicles were at what intersection.    Not all systems have this datalogging though.  Either way, some sort of code/pattern is required.   

But an arduino, IR detector, lawnchair, and a six pack near a hospital should eventually allow you to decrypt the signal.  Then it would be pretty simple to build your own.   


What happens when EVs approach these intersections on 90 degree legs?- can't have it go green all round...
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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


Some systems are directional, where they can detect which way the strobe or siren is originating from.  Those turn all the other directions Red, and leaves the one green.  That usually clears the path so we can roll right through, but not always.  Urban settings that use a siren signal rarely use this, as echos from buildings can confuse the sensor. 

Most systems though turn everything red when they detect a signal.  It's good because no one is moving, but because no one is moving, they tend to bunch up, and EV's get stopped at the light waiting for traffic to move out of the way. 


Can i detect the ambulance siren using elechouse voice recognition module and arduino?


you don't need arduino, google for, 567 Tone Decoder (narrow bandpass filter) ,  electret microphone and frequency of siren.
(narrow bandpass filter) = Notch Filter



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almost, opposite way

I meant Notch-PASS filter.


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