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I have 2 of these NRF24L01+ with external antenna

Code: [Select]

if I connect them like the ones with onboard antenna I just get this message:
"req node id"

then nothing.

if I connect the normal ones it works.

any idea?

Many Thanks




If you post the code and/or library you are using, it would help a lot. I don't know if this is related or not, but one of the most common hangups with nRF24L01 is the decoupling capacitor between the 3.3v and ground pins - very important, especially if it has an amplifier. I have a few of the short range modules and I always use a 4.7uF capacitor for mine, and they seem to work fine, but you might consider using a 100uF plus a 0.1uF for yours. You also might consider using a separate 3.3v regulator, as the arduino's regulator is only rated for 50mA, and the radio amplifier can use ~100mA.


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Many Thanks! The hint about the power consumption helped!

Just to make sure, I combined the capacitator and a separate 3.3 V regulator. Now everything works perfectly. Many thanks!

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