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I am a design student, so I am definitely better with all visual stuff, but a project I just started requires some technical input too.
Right now I am not sure where to start from, so I hope someone could give me some advices and direction.
I need to track the Internet usage in a particular household + tracking the social network accounts of the family members (not what they are doing, but are they online and active in Facebook for example) in a predefined part of the day (for example between 5 pm and 11 pm). The best scenario would be if I could see all this, no matter if they used a laptop, PC, tablet or phone. So I guess I need two different methods - one for tracking the data if they use WiFi in the home and another to track their mobile devices if they are not connected to the WiFi.

Any ideas?


Any ideas?
very hard to make,

I assume everyone can work from every PC. That means you need to have login records from the PC (assuming the do not surf on each others account)

Tracking which PC visits which URL is slightly simpler but still beyond an Arduino.

Only the router in the house sees all the traffic so writing a filter for router software might be the most obvious  solution. Another solution which comes in mind is writing a keyboard caption program and install it on every PC, not trivial but many virus makers do so at least it is possible.

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Sorry Rob, that's just too sneaky!  :smiley-evil:

You could capture keys... If I'd catch you doing it in my house, I might be angry :) You could see everything that was written, passwords,... But it is an easy way to do it, so Rob is right.

Adapting your router software is "almost" undoable these days for several reasons I fear, unless you are a trained hacker.

There might be another solution, but you would have to go to another site altogether.
You could use a raspberry pi with V-Lans.  This way your rasp would become a router and firewall. You could then write a simple script to track how many times facebook.com was loaded from which computer and sent that data somewhere...

It is still no walk in the park, but it is be doable...

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