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and can i use the arduino uno


and can i use the arduino uno

You should post it as a new topic.  Something along the lines of "Can I use an arduino uno to hack a keyboard?"


I'll be a lot quicker this time.  Sorry I missed your question.  The Arduino can be programmed to act as a USB client and mimic things such as USB keyboards and mice.  However to my knowledge (and we are out at the fringes here) it can't act as a host to such devices.  Consequently I suspect you will need to add a shield that will have a USB that works in Host mode (ie can supply 5V etc).

USB Hub Shield is the first one I saw on ebay, so no particular recommendation, but I think it is close to what you might be after?

Official Arduino + Libraries etc would be my first port of call.  Some nice person might have already done a lot of the work for you  ;)

Sorry about the 'lecture' it's a bad habit retired teachers find hard to give up  :-X

Cheers, Rob
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