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Recently, we customer service received a super product combination, Mini ELM327 OBD SCAN Tool with OBD2-HUB 9Pin T Cable, which was successfully tested by our customers. They said the Mini ELM327 Bluetooth version could work very well with OBD2 9 Pin T Cablefor extending when they wanted to add GPS function to ELM327, and this bundle is in a good condition.

About New Super Mini ELM327 Bluetooth OBD-II OBD Can with Power Switch:

This new high-quality wireless scan tool super mini ELM327 with a turn on/ off switch can support phones with Android, Symbian system and Windows XP and WIN7 32bite computers to test OBD2 compliant vehicles for reading diagnostic trouble codes, both generic & manufacturer-specific, and displaying their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database). This new ELM327 OBD2 bluetooth is exquisite and convenient to use.

About Cableobd2 OBD to HUB 9Pin T Cable for ELM327:

OBD2-HUB 9Pin T cable is a splitter and can be used on any OBD II 16pin plug and drive devices,GPS, Navigation devices,adblue OBD2,nitroOBD2,ecoOBD2,etc.

-OBD2-HUB 9 Pin T Hub Cable can be used on any cars with 16pin OBD2 connectors
-Matches all the vehicle communication standard
-Cables used:3C/20AWG+13C/24AWG+AL
-Working temperature:-40/+105oC
-Cable length:40cm

1. Vendor Option            9. Vendor Option
2. J1850 Bus +              10.J1850 BUS
3. Vendor Option           11.Vendor Option                  
4. Chassis Ground       12.Vendor Option
5. Signal Ground           13.Vendor Option
6. CAN (J-2234)High    14. CAN (J-2234)Low
7. ISO 9141-2K-Line    15. ISO-8141-2Low
8. Vendor Option          16. Battery Power

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