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Jan 15, 2018, 10:06 am Last Edit: Jan 15, 2018, 10:12 am by arnix
Hi to all !

One college needs to drive some 1,2KW BLC motor.
With this motor he got the controller in the title ( KTF03018A )

To be more exact i need to make electronics and software for 2 such motors because we are making something similar to tracked vehicle.
What i need to do:
- radio control between battery powered joystick and this vehicle.
- joystick has two resistors for each axis ( x / y ) but it should control 8 directions.
- as main control units we will use arduino and raspberry.

What i plan to do:
- hook up this controller ( accelerator and reverse ) to digital pot and from there to arduino
- put some additional electronics for brakes ( what / how should i do this ? ).
- because i need to be able to turn the vehicle for 360 degrees i also need some solution how to set one motor in revers and one in forward "mode" but at the same time so that i dont destroy gears.

What i dont know:
- what is motor holler ?

All i got is this:

Thank you all in advance !



arnix's first image:

Please always put images directly in your post. We shouldn't need to go to some other site just to try to help you out. You can even host the images right here on the forum, which will help keep them around for the long term. There's a helpful guide here:

I suspect this "Motor holler" is the result of a bad translation. Maybe someone can provide a better one.



Thnx for image upload !

Motor holler == motor cooler :-) :-)
I dont know...

But, let's say i connect this motor to power supply and i hook up pot to revers and forward wires...
It should work or ? In other words, do i need to hook up the hall sensor also. Because in my opinion, there must be some kind of hall sensor for this motor.  Please dont write, your should try because i will do this anyway :-).

Btw. this are motor specs:



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