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Topic: Interfacing GL827 (UTMI) and arduino (USB/SD datalogger) (Read 599 times) previous topic - next topic



I'm starting a project in which i would need a datalogger. I know there is a lot of information about this and cheap solutions to do that, but i've found an old usb/card reader and i was wondering if is possible to interface via UTMI this board to mi arduino (UNO) so i can write to both cards and usb from mi arduino.

The board is almost the same as this:

And the chipset it uses is the GL827 48pin. It uses a UTMI communication protocol.
The on-board socket uses 10 pins, i'm sure 2 of them are power supply to the board, other 2 are the usb serial pins and the rest are used by the GL827.

There are two legs by they are driven by a comparator and the chip so i don't think they have dedicated pins on the socket.

I have never used UTMI protocol so i'll need a lot of help with this (not too many datasheets or information about the protocol)

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