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I have my APC220 module connected like this to my shield:

I have downloaded the following drivers:

(The drivers were even linked to me by Windows upon connecting the USB)

I am running the following program on Arduino 1.5.8
Code: [Select]
int ledPin=13;   // Definition D13 PIN
int val;         //
void setup()   
  pinMode(ledPin,OUTPUT);    // 
  Serial.begin(9600);       //  Definition UART port rate 19200, according to serial port of APC220
void loop()     
  val=Serial.read();    //
  if(-1!=val)           //
    if('B'==val)        //
      Serial.print(val);          //
      digitalWrite(ledPin,HIGH);  // Control D13pin, output level High,LED is ON.
      delay(500);                 // Delay 500ms
      digitalWrite(ledPin,LOW);   //  Control D13pin, output level Low,LED is OFF.
      delay(500);                 // Delay 500ms

I compile and upload it via cable (With the Transmitters completely disconnected from both the arduino uno and computer) And I tested the program over the cable and it definitely works.

I've configured both of the transmitters successfully using RF-Magic to the same parameters:

I unplug it, connect both transmitters to PC and the Arduino Uno. Provide power from a battery. I checked that the transmitter is getting power on both, the USB to Serial converter (The transmitter in the PC) And the Aruino Uno itself, on the shield. With a voltmeter. It gets about 4v+ on both.
Now, I switch the COM's on the Arduino program and open the serial monitor to test the program. It simply doesn't work. Nothing is happening.

If someone could help me out here, that'd be great.


hi there. Did you manage to solve your problem.

i have the same problem. RF-magic works fine but the arduino is not transmitting anything. i have checked and rechecked the wiring.

would appreciate if you could share the solution if you managed to find out what was wrong


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