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May 07, 2015, 11:42 pm Last Edit: May 07, 2015, 11:43 pm by ejo60
Here is my heated silicon pad solution:

Ask these guys http://www.ebay.com/usr/keenovo to make you a 4 by 4 inch silicon heated pad with a digital thermostat which will be like a wh7016D as in http://www.willhi.com/data/product_en/20140104_173339.pdf

They can make this for 12 volt DC, and, if the power supply of the materia were rated at 10Amp rather than the 5 amp then the problem is solved.

My temporary solution is to vandalize an ATX power supply, I've set the temperature to 70C, lets see what it makes from something flat.




Hi Ejo60,

This looks like a great solution. Especially if this Keenovo team is able to customize the dimensions.
I've great results with the my heated bed solution. It makes the printed results much better.
And warping is not an issue any more.

Now I only would wish that the printer bed dimensions would be bigger. 8) .




My experience with Keenovo is very positive. Simply state what you need, mention the voltages and the dimensions of the pad and the shape, and they simply make it the way you asked for. For the 20 to 30 euro extra I'm not going to make my own digital thermostat, others do this cheaper, they are produced in great numbers. The same is true for the 12V power supply coming from the yellow and black of an ATX power supply. And yes, near all warping and smudging of PLA has disappeared, you may want to start with a bed at 80C for the first few layers and then turn the thermostat back to 65C.



Blog post that summarizes the modification and the results:


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