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Though and odd series of events, I ended up getting in touch with Sharebot directly. They were amazing. I received my new print head and some sample PLA and now the printer is doing excellent. I struggled for months with what I can only assume was a faulty head. It was a bit of a ride, but as of now I am satisfied with the result.


I'm really glad that Sharebot could help you out. I'm sorry for all the confusion.


I'm glad you got help. They finally, after more emails telling me to check the wiring, agreed to allow me to return it so they could look at it. Now they want almost $500 to ship it back. I filed a dispute with PayPal, and am waiting for an outcome from that. They were telling me they couldn't refund after two weeks, and I didn't contact them for a month, even though I was on the forum two days after I received it. It was only after a month of no-help here that I got a support email address, and they are telling PayPal that's when I first contacted them.
They claim to have a 2 year warrantee, I guess that word means something different in Italian.

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