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I'm designing a series of DMX shields for controlling lights, servos and relays. The circuit will use XLR connectors, but what do you think is the best choice? PCB mounted connectors, or panel mount and connecting them to the board using wires and screw terminals? If the shields works ok, I plan to sell them as kits.


Ahh DMX, that's the realm I'm working in at the moment as well.

The way I see it, it really depends on what you want to achieve. The PCB mounted DMX connectors will allow you to be able to use the electronics without an enclosure, and the panel mounted connectors wont. Now keep in mind that DMX is for stage lighting. On the stage, your equipment needs to be stageproof meaning everything must be really durable or it will break. With that in mind I would recommend panel mounted connectors, so that if someone is trying to jerk in, say, a 5 pin DMX into your 3 pin DMX and they can't make it fit, they will most likely break a PCB mounted, whereas the panel mounted will stay intact (or at least not break the PCB).

If the design is open and the purpose is for people to hack it, I would recommend PCB mounted.
On the other hand - commercial products or own use - panel mounted

(just my opinion)

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