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Hi. I just got some MCP4725 D/A and i'm needing a voltage reference of 5v. I didn't have any, so I started testing the DAC with the 5v from Arduino. I calculated the output voltages according to my needs. I don't use it for audio, just steady DC voltages. For example, I made a table to write values to the dac, I needed the steps to be aprox 83mV apart. I calculated the first 12, 83mV 166mV ... etc. All fine, then I calculated the upper values, over 2V. I left the arduino on for a few hours, and when I check the voltage values they were off by a few mV. I suppose this is because the 7805 fluctuates a little, or it doesn't have a good thermal stability.
 So, which one should I choose as my 5V reference? LM336 or TL431?


I don't think you can go wrong with either one.
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