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I guess I have assembled everything the right way, but I cannot do the last installation steps, since I cannot enter the menu, because the control knob/click encoder is not responding.
The reprap smart controller seams to be working correctly, since it correctly detects sd card insertion and so on.

Any clue? Do I have to change some configs in the firmware?


The lcd board is really sensible to slighly uninserted wires, check if all pins are completely inserted, both between the RAMPS board and the arduino and between the connector and the RAMPS.
If this doesn't work there could be a little mistake in the encoder soldering, you should contact the assistance.

Prendete quello che dico come un suggerimento, non mi assumo responsabilità di nessun tipo


Well, either you have a bad connection between the board and the screen or you have a dysfunctional rotary encoder.

Check the connection between the screen and the shield.

There is a breakout board with the connectors for the flat cables. This one needs to have a solid connection to the shield also.

If you check all these thing I might say that you should get a new screen with a new rotary encoder.


Having the same problem. I have an Arduino with Ramps 1.4, the LCD12864 controller is connected via shild to the ramps board. This is made to run a 3D printer, so I'm relying on sketches othere's have uploaded (Reprap)  I know everything is hooded up correctly as some sketches allow the encoder to work, while others don't.... an example would be, with Repetier firmware/sketch installed it works, but with Marlin-RC4 is doesn't..... I need Marlin.
So, I don't know much about programming, but wondered if there was a way to compare (and where they are) the lines responsible for the encoder? or if there's an easier way to combine or fix it I don't know about.

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