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I am developing a very small minimalistic Arduino board and now I have a question.

The Attiny84 and Attiny85 are my choice.

What would be your choice of micro controller?


Atmega328P or Atmega1284P. Small enough for me.

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What would be your choice of micro controller?
What do you want it to do?
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Thank you all for the replies on this. I will give you some more info about the project to help understand the question.

At this moment I am working in a team for research on physical therapy.

We have a good outline of all the different things we are going to incorporate in the project. The next task will be the selection of the different controllers and start building prototypes.

Some parts of the projects will only be measuring 1 or 2 simple values and be transmitting them over a 2 wire system to the computer.

I have a QFP 328P processor right here and will be integrating into the build as well. It is a bit to large for some parts of the system. So using the ATtiny85 is an option for this part.


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